Northern Stars win Division 2 State Championships

Northern Stars win Division 2 State Championships

The Northern Stars have won the 2016 Under 17 State championships in emphatic style. The Northern Stars, made of youth Girls from the Cairns and Cape York Regions, were last year relegated to Division 2 after a disappointing 2015 Championships. This year, motivated to improve, the Stars have taken on Brisbane North, Capricornia and Northern Rivers at the State Championships.

Game 1 saw them play against Northern Rivers (Tweed Heads – Casino, Northern NSW). With the girls only meeting their Cape York team mates the day before, the start of the game was a little slow getting to know how they all play. But that didn’t stop the girls coming away with a convincing 59 point victory.

Northern Rivers 0.2-2

North Queensland 8.13-61

Best Players: C. Mison, Z. Wood, O. Edson, E. Thuys, L. Connelly, C. Quinn
Northern Rivers

North Queensland

Goal Kickers: M. Healey 2, S. Ripia 2, G. Perry 2, K. Knight, K. Farrar
Best Players: G. Perry, T. Ahwang , N. Matthew, E. Kebisu, K. Farrar, T. Fauid


Day 2 and awaiting the stars was Brisbane North. Brisbane North had a huge win on Day 1 and were primed for a big game. The Stars came out firing and the contest was fierce. Tiarna Ahwang started everything in the ruck and with on ballers like Poppy Boltz, Grace Perry and Tanee Fauid running hot, the Stars proved too strong again for their opponents.

Brisbane North 4.3-27

North Queensland 10.5-65

Goal Kickers: M. Haeusler 2, K. Cemeljic, J. Noble
Brisbane North

Best Players: J. Yorston, M. Suter, S. Anderson, M. Gilliland, E. Martin

North Queensland

Goal Kickers: M. Healey 2, T. Morseu 2, T. Ahwang 2, K. Knight, T. Fauid, P. Boltz, G. Perry
Best Players: T. Ahwang , G. Perry, T. Fauid, P. Boltz, E. Kebisu, T. Morseu


Day 3 and Capricornia was the opposition. Without a win but full of heart the game was extremely contested early. Players were crashing in and boy was it tough. Shantel Miskin-Ripia had a great day finishing with 5 goals in an extremely impressive display, especially considering she can play in this carnival for another 2 years..

North Queensland 10.9-69

Capricornia 0.1-1

North Queensland

Goal Kickers: S. Ripia 5, A. Corbin, T. Ahwang , M. Healey, P. Boltz, T. Fauid
Best Players: S. Ripia, E. Coventry, A. Corbin, N. Matthew, T. Morseu


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The final day of competition and with the Division 2 Championships sown up, it was time to look to 2017. It had only been a year outside of the top division but the Girls wanted to be back in there. Darling Downs was our opposition and they were a competitive side. Tough Skilful and loved a challenge. Unfortunately for Darling Downs they had some injuries but taking nothing away from the Stars… They DOMINATED. Tough contested footy, run and carry on the outside and kicking skills were on display. Skills by foot around the ground was excellent but in front of goals the girls struggled.. Shantel Miskin-Ripia kicked another bag with 4 goals, Tanne Fauid had her own ball, Poppy Boltz took contested mark after contested mark while Kitara Farrar ran a carried from the back half. Extremely impressive display.

Darling Downs                  0.2-2

North Queensland          10.15-75

With the girls going undefeated through the 2016 State Champs, next year the like of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane South and back to back champions Gold Coast Sunsets await. 2017 is definitely an exciting time for female football. Shantel Miskin-Ripia was awarded MVP for the Northern Stars and there will definitely be a few North Queensland names thrown around for the 2017 Gold Coast Academy Squad named later in the week.

Div 2 Champs