Crathern Medal

History of the Kevin Crathern Medal (Kevin Crathern 01/04/22 – 16/12/01)


Founder of the Cairns Australian Football League in August 1955, Kevin turned up to an Australian Football trial at the North Cairns Reserves in July after his wife Norma encouraged him to go and see what it was all about. However Kevin wasn’t aware that Norma had packed his Rugby jumper and football boots in the car. The organizers of the football trial, frank Vains and Bruce Muirden, wondered who was cheeky enough to turn up in a Rugby jumper and kicked the ball to him. Kevin returned a perfect kick and his love of the game was renewed… the rest is history.

The Best & Fairest medal started as the Webb Medal in 1956. Kevin Crathern won the first medal in 1956 and when he won the medal again in 1958 he was embarrassed and told the umpires not to vote for him again.

In 1969, the Webb family made the decision not to donate the medal any longer. In 1970, Kevin Crathern as President of the League, offered to donate the medal at the League committee meeting. As Kevin was the first winner of the medal, and the President of the League (a position he held for 18 years) his offer was accepted. From this day the CAFL League Best & Fairest medal has been called the “Crathern Medal”.

Kevin proudly presented the medal each year. Even in the latter years, when his health wouldn’t allow him to be able to make a speech, he enjoyed his role as the “Father of Aussie Rules” in Cairns and was honored to be able to present the medal to the young players who had excelled at the game he loved. In September 2001 Kevin presented the Crathern Medal to Leigh Treharne. This was to be the last time Kevin personally bestowed the award as he passed away in December of that year.

The CAFL Best & Fairest Medal was initially the Webb Medal named after Fred or Horrie Webb from the Cairns Ice Works. It became known as the Crathern Medal in 1973.


Past Crathern Medal Winners:

2023 Jack Shanahan (Port Douglas Crocs)
2022 Michael Griechen (Centrals Trinity Beach Bulldogs)
2021 Mark Horne (Centrals Trinity Beach) & Liam Brandt (Port Douglas)
2020 Joshuah Matulis (Cairns Saints)
2019 Jake Roach (South Cairns)
2018 Joel Newman (Cairns Saints)
2017 Hugh Nicholson (Centrals Trinity Beach)
2016 Damien Roe (Centrals Trinity Beach)
2015 Tom Clough (Port Douglas)
2014 Zac Ewer (South Cairns)
2013 Matthew Walsh (Cairns Saints)
2012 Brenton Powell (Cairns Saints)
2011 Daniel Smith (Port Douglas)
2010 Daniel Smith (Port Douglas)
2009 Andrew Browning (South Cairns)
2008 James Coatsworth (Cairns Saints)
2007 Willy Alick (Manunda Hawks)
2006 Matthew Walsh (Cairns Saints)
2005 Mark Kennedy (Cairns Saints)
2004 Tyson Lane (North Cairns)
2003 Jason Elliott (North Cairns)
2002 Troy Carrick (Port Douglas)
2001 Leigh Treharne (Manunda Hawks)
2000 Michael Hurst (Cairns Saints)
1999 Paul Frew (Cairns Saints)
1998 Simon James (Port Douglas)
1997 Anthony Hoban (Centrals Trinity Beach)
1996 Ross Duffy (Cairns Saints)
1995 Andrew Milne (Manunda Hawks)
1994 John Van Rooye (Centrals Trinity Beach)
1993 Chris Farrell (Port Douglas)
1992 Craig Horwood (Centrals Trinity Beach)
1991 Rod Davidson (Port Douglas)
1990 Rod Davidson (Port Douglas)
1989 Jens Kreuter (North Cairns)
1988 Mark Hurley (Manunda Hawks)
1987 Wayne Jackson (Centrals Trinity Beach)
1986 Troy Clarke (South Balaclava)
1985 Brian Hand (Manunda Hawks)
1984 J. Lillie (Manunda Hawks)
1983 Tony Bolge (City United)
1982 Jeff Allchin (Souths Balaclava)
1981 Robbie Glassel (Souths Balaclava)
1980 Kevin Sullivan (North Cairns)
1979 Mick Nolan (North Cairns)
1978 Leon Baker (Souths Balaclava)
1977 Kevin Sullivan (North Cairns)
1976 Mal Groves (North Cairns)
1975 Bill Reed (South Balaclava)
1974 Bill Reed (North Cairns)
1973 J. Rimmer (Centrals Aloomba)
1972 K. Morton (Centrals Aloomba)
1971 R. Wilkie (Souths Balaclava)
1970 Norm Miller (Babinda)
1969 John Bawden (North Cairns)
1968 Ray Loane (North Cairns)
1967 Kel Luscombe (Centrals Aloomba)
1966 Stan McMahon (North Cairns)
1965 Rodney Minniecon (Babinda)
1964 Peter Mantagna (Souths Balaclava)
1963 Barry Dooly (Babinda)
1962 Keith Wilson (Souths Balaclava)
1961 Jeff Ballantyne (Souths Balaclava)
1960 Stan McMahon (Centrals Aloomba)
1959 M. Ray (Babinda)
1958 Kevin Crathern (Souths Balaclava)