FOOTY, FITNESS, FRIENDS & CASH … and that’s just for starters!

AFL Cairns and the AFL Cairns Umpires Association are recruiting
Field, Boundary and Goal Umpires for the 2024 season.


We are currently recruiting Field, Boundary and Goal Umpires for the 2024 season.

Everyone from 12 years old can get involved!

Get paid to keep fit!

Umpiring is a great way to improve your’ fitness. Umpiring rates start at $30 for a 48 minute Under 11s game and can reach $270 for a Senior Field Umpire. And when you think that you can be paid up to $90,000 a year as an AFL Umpire, then it is a lot better than paying for a gym membership!

What’s involved?

You will be appointed matches in the AFL Cairns and AFL Cairns Juniors competitions. With games on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays, there are plenty of opportunities to umpire.

You will be provided with training, and someone to support you on match days – so you won’t be dropped into the deep end.

Develop your Personal Skills

Umpiring can help you with leadership skills on and off the field, build your confidence, help you make important decisions under pressure, and improve your interpersonal and communication skills. You will not get better training in all these areas than by being an Umpire.

Be the Best

Are you dedicated, motivated and hard-working? If you want to Umpire some amazing football, then there are pathways in place to help you get to the top. Umpiring can take you around Australia, umpiring in Country, State and National Championships, all the way to the AFL. This is the launching pad for an exciting career as an elite Umpire.

Most Importantly – Have Fun

Umpiring is a great way to get paid whilst having fun and meet some friends.

Once you try it – you’ll love it.


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