Reg Dean Medal

History of Reg Dean Medal

Reg Dean was Vice President of the League at the time of the inaugural Best and Fairest Award for the Reserves.

In 1975 when he was President of the CAFL (now AFL Cairns Ltd.) he was made a Life Member of the League.

His involvement stemmed from the fact that his two sons both joined North Cairns and became involved with the League. He held several positions on the League over a twenty year period including President, Treasurer and Tribunal Member.

He always followed the Reserves competition closely and was very honoured to be able to be the Donor of the Reg Dean Medal so much so that he asked his family to continue the tradition after his death and they feel very honoured to do so.

Previous Medal Winners:

2023 David Skene (South Cairns Cutters) & Douglas Ryan (Centrals Trinity Beach)
2022 Jake O’Halloran (Cairns Saints)
2021 Jack Anderson (Centrals Trinity Beach)
2020 Gavin Jacks (Port Douglas)
2019 Jeremy Rigney (South Cairns Cutters)
2018 Gene Clement (Centrals Trinity Beach)
2017 Callum Oates (Port Douglas)
2016 Thomas Furness (Cairns City Lions)
2015 Paul Buller (South Cairns) & Andrew Macleod (Port Douglas)
2014 Tom Furness (Cairns City Lions)
2013 Tom Furness (Cairns City Lions)
2012 Dean Uebergang (North Cairns)
2011 Tim Mackrill (South Cairns) & Cameron Byrne (Cairns Saints)
2010 Dean Uebergang (North Cairns)
2009 Michael Dunstan (Cairns Saints)
2008 Kaden Fletcher (South Cairns)
2007 Matthew Yardley (Cairns Saints)
2006 Luke Anning (South Cairns)
2005 Peter English (South Cairns)
2004 Matthew Hanson (Saints)
2003 Peter Murphy (Centrals)
2002 Leslie O’Neil (South Cairns)
2001 Simon James (Port Douglas)
2000 Andy Tulloch (Centrals Trinity Beach)
1999 Chris Giltrow (Manunda Hawks)
1998 Les Myles (Port Douglas)
1997 Steve Valli (Centrals Trinity Beach)
1996 Brian Barlow (City Cobras)
1995 Mathew Gilmour (Port Douglas)
1994 Terry MacLeod (Port Douglas)
1993 Neil Carlin (Manunda Hawks)
1992 John Fatnowna (City Cobras)
1991 John Fatnowna (City’s Cobras)
1990 Pat Roach (Westcourt Demons)
1989 Steve Valzolgher (Westcourt Demons)
1988 Peter Bartholomew (Centrals)
1987 Peter Bartholomew (Centrals)
1986 Peter Mashford (Souths Balaclava)
1985 Ralph James (North Cairns)
1984 Steve Gartrell (Mareeba)
1983 G. Tudehope (City United) & S. Coldwell (Manunda Hawks)
1982 Jeff Rimmer (Centrals Aloomba)
1981 Ian Hay (Souths Balaclava)
1980 Murray Roberts (North Cairns)
1979 Reg Ambrum (Babinda)
1978 M. Roberts (North Cairns)
1977 A. Rowan (City United)
1976 Gary Whitehouse (City United)
1975 Alan Hislop (North Cairns) & David Sands (Babinda)
1974 Gary Whitehouse (Souths)
1973 John Jenke (North Cairns)
1972 A. Jones (City United)
1971 Tom Scarborough
1970 K. Green (City United)
1969 G. Boor
1967 J. Jensen (Babinda)
1966 J. Jensen (Babinda)
1965 Laurie Remedio (Babinda)