Media Release AFL Cairns Juniors

Media Release AFL Cairns Juniors


2nd June 2021

AFL Cairns Juniors Association has been advised by Centrals Juniors that they have withdrawn one of their two Under 12 teams for the remainder of 2021 season.

AFL Cairns Juniors has been liaising with the Club in relation to the imbalance of their two Under 12 teams. AFL Cairns Juniors provided the Club with the opportunity to re-grade the teams to ensure they were evenly balanced based on age, ability and experience. Following the latest advice of the requirement, the Club elected to withdraw one team from the competition.

All affiliated clubs sign a license agreement and such agreement binds them to be conversant with, and adhere to, the relevant competition rules and regulations.  Centrals Juniors nominated two teams in the U12 age group, but failed to grade them equally in accordance with the rules pertaining to entering two teams in the same age group. The requirements around this rule were reiterated to the Club on several occasions, including before the commencement of the season and after initial rounds of matches, where the results clearly indicated the teams were not evenly balanced.

AFL Cairns Juniors will make contact with the parents of any players that may have been affected by the Club’s decision to withdraw the second team, in order to ensure all players have the opportunity to continue participating in the U12 competition in 2021.

AFL Cairns Juniors Executive