Coaches Practical Coaching Session

Coaches Practical Coaching Session

Coaches Practical Coaching Session

March 16th High Flyers – Cazalys

This is the practical session that is aligned to the online program. All Coaches from Under 8 through to Senior football are required to attend.

As part of the Coaching Accreditation, all coaches are required to complete the online component and also receive a number of accreditation points.

This practical session is worth 6 points and will maintain you accreditation for the 2020 Season.

As part of the course, the AFL Coaches Association will be running a “Tackle your Feelings” program.

TYF is a mental health training program for community footy clubs and coaches presented by the AFL Coaches Association and the AFL Players’ Association. The program was inspired by a mental health education course developed for AFL professional coaches and players, consisting of a face-to-face presentation from a psychologist and additional online learning. 

The program aims to provide community coaches with the tools to understand, recognise and manage signs of mental health. More broadly, the program seeks to:

  1. Raise awareness of mental health in the footy community
  2. Reduce the stigma associated with mental health (self and social)
  3. Change the behaviours associated impacting one’s mental health. (help seeking)

The TYF program is funded by the Z-Zurich Foundation (ZZF), and is therefore completely free for community clubs and coaches. 

When community coaches login to Coach.AFL system to register as a coach for the 2020 season they will be asked to complete a new Tackle Your Feelings awareness module called “Four Quarters of Mental Health Awareness”. 

Once these coaches complete the TYF awareness module via Coach.AFL they will gain direct access to our online platform where they can book into local face-to-face workshops through an interactive map. They will also have access to the “Coaches Box”, which is a library full of mental health resources for community coaches. 

Coaches that complete the full Tackle Your Feelings journey (see below), starting with the awareness module via Coach.AFL, will be rewarded with six points towards their CPD requirements for 2020. 

The Tackle Your Feelings journey:

Step 1 – Complete the Four Quarters of Mental Health Awareness module via Coach.AFL (15mins) 

Step 2 – Attend a Tackle Your Feelings face-to-face workshop in your local region (60-90mins) – March 16th High Flyers – Cazalys

Step 3 – Complete three Tackle Your Feelings online modules (junior, youth or adult streams) (3 x 20mins)

Unfortunately, coaches who completed the face-to-face Tackle Your Feelings program or online modules in 2019 must complete the full journey again to gain the CPD points via Coach.AFL.  

For those of you who are NOT community footy coaches (and therefore are not required to register with Coach.AFL), they can still participate in the program by visiting and registering. They will then be prompted to complete the Mental Health awareness module, which will then give you full access to the “Coaches Box” and the ability to book into a local face-to-face workshop if you wish.

A key part of the TYF program is their evaluation so please support to complete their short surveys when prompted. 

Contact Kieran Daley for further details Ph: 07 4042 3000 or