Umpires Miked Up and Ready

Umpires Miked Up and Ready

IF AFL Cairns umpires are chattier on the field, there is a good reason for it.

The extra chat is not sledging the players from either club but a new initiative to improve umpiring standards.

The local Aussie rules umpires are talking to each other to help improve their performance and lift professionalism for the men and women in light green.

AFL Cairns Umpires are now wearing headsets to communicate to each other on the field, like they do in proper AFL games. They are hoping to get all umpires wearing them in the future to help improve standards and professionalism. AFLCairns Umpire Luke Heard and Umpires Manager Rowan Tattersall wearing the Match Comm microphones and ear pieces. PICTURE: STEWART McLEAN

Like they do in the elite level, AFL Cairns umpires manager Rowan Tattersall has acquired a number of headsets to let umpires talk to each other on the field.

The umpires in the Far North have used them in a seniors game for the last two weeks and Tattersall believes games are flowing better.

“We are using them as a trial to see if it makes an impact on how we umpire the game, our positioning and communication,” Tattersall said. “We have used them for two weeks now and they have been really beneficial.

“It helps with positions on the ground, knowing which umpire is in control and helping each other pick the out of zone free kicks that the controlling umpire might not be able to see.

“Hopefully we can help each other where vision is ­obstructed.”

Tattersall said the device was a perfect coaching tool to help develop younger umpires and he is keen for every AFL Cairns seniors game to use the tool in the future.

AFL Cairns is always looking for more umpires. If you are interested, contact

Article Courtesy of Jordan Gerrans The Cairns Post 3-4-17