Job Vacancy Facilities Assistant Manager

Job Vacancy Facilities Assistant Manager



Assistant Facilities Manager – Greenkeeper

ORGANISATIONAL RELATIONSHIP:                               

Reports to Facilities Manager

EMPLOYMENT STATUS:                

Full time

HOURS OF DUTY:                           

38 hours per week. Actual working hours by agreement between the employee and Facilities Manager.


  • Remuneration to be agreed in consideration of experience and qualifications
  • Superannuation at the government guaranteed rate
  • 4 weeks annual leave with Holiday Loading


The employee shall comply with the Workplace Health & Safety Act, Regulations, Codes of Practice and AFL Cairns E-Par Safety Management System and shall comply with instructions given by his or her Manager and/or Supervisor in respect of the Health and Safety of themselves and the Health and Safety of other persons.


This is a key position within the Facilities Management Department.  Working directly with the Facilities Manager to help develop a daily work schedule and coordinate the related activities and necessary equipment with the staff.

  • Responsible for training, supervision and reviewing of Facilities department employees along with supervision of construction projects and specific maintenance activities.
  • Help promote user satisfaction through quality maintenance and communications.
  • Thoroughly assist in all safety training needs and procedures.
  • Works with the Facilities Manager and other key staff members to constantly improve the AFL Cairns grounds, maintenance facility and all safety programs. Continues personal and professional education through attending self-development, training and turf conferences.
  • Help schedule and supervise the daily operations of the Facilities Maintenance staff.
  • Train, motivate and supervise the staff in a capable manner.

WORK ENVIRONMENT:                

The Position reports to the Facilities Manager, the incumbent will work both alone and as part of a small team. In conjunction with the Facilities Manager develop and maintain an effective and efficient work routine within the team.


As the Assistant Facilities Manager/Greenkeeper the duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:


  • Oversee the general good maintenance and appearance of AFL Cairns venues and facilities.
  • To be available to assist with special events at AFL Cairns facilities outside normal working hours.
  • To undertake ad hoc tasks at the request of management.


To Assist the Facilities Manager in identifying the strategies and actions required to meet the Facilities Maintenance objectives.

  • Assist the Facilities Manager with recommendations for Staff, including performance, training, reviews and education.
  • Help plan, schedule and monitor all daily Maintenance operations including ensuring adequate staffing schedules for daily and weekly needs per Facilities Management Plan
  • Assist in establishing, promoting and enforcing Environment and Work Health & Safety practices in accordance with Facilities Manager.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the Facilities equipment and maintenance facility
  • Assist the Facilities Manager with record keeping for supplies, daily logs, application records, weather condition recording, and personnel records
  • Communicates in a professional manner including to subordinates, management, staff, suppliers.
  • Continue to expand knowledge in turfgrass construction and reconstruction, use of chemicals, and irrigation equipment.


To continuously improve and maintain AFLC Facilities in the highest quality condition by:

  • Maintaining knowledge of the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components.
  • Ensuring a thorough understanding of sports field irrigation systems
  • Performing tasks that are necessary to keep maintenance facility and equipment clean, organised and safe on a daily basis.
  • Inspect all equipment and tools that are assigned to specific tasks and reports any deficiencies to the Facilities Manager or Turf Equipment Technician
  • Ensure that personal protective and Safety equipment is worn as prescribed and required
  • Perform irrigation repairs as required.


To encourage Facilities Maintenance team to develop a high level of skill and to employ those skills in their day-to-day work and to continually improve productivity and efficient work practices.

  • Annual Performance Appraisals have been carried out and Maintenance staff members have been given regular feedback on their performance and development.
  • Staff members have been regularly consulted on improving maintenance practices.
  • Staff members have been counseled where appropriate and this has been reported to the General Manager in a timely fashion.
  • Training has been arranged or carried out to address identified training needs.
  • Established human resource management policies have been followed.
  • The effective delivery to all new Maintenance Staff of the Workplace Induction Program
  • Planning and delivering the training of Maintenance Staff in the safe and effective use of new equipment
  • Planning and delivering the training of Maintenance Staff in the safe and proper implementation of new work practices
  • Monitoring work practices to ensure compliance with relevant Occupational Health and Safety requirements


Including but not exclusive to;

  • Working proactively and positively within the AFL Cairns team,
  • Achieving excellent standards of reliability and performance of equipment and machinery,
  • Developing and maintaining a high level of satisfaction with AFL Cairns, AFL Cairns Junior and AFL Cairns Women’s Clubs in regard to venue presentation,
  • Proactively liaise with and engage AFL Cairns, AFL Cairns Junior and AFL Cairns Women’s Clubs in supporting activities and initiatives,
  • Timely and accurate delivery of duties and responsibilities as outlined above.
  • High standard of cleaning and presentation.


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Applications Close March 25th 2020