Selina Goodman pursues AFL dream

Selina Goodman pursues AFL dream

SELINA Goodman is a woman on a mission.

The 25-year-old relocated from Cairns to the Gold Coast in January to pursue her dream of being drafted by a team that will contest the inaugural season of the AFL’s new national women’s league.

Goodman, a special guest at a schools AFL tournament yesterday in Cairns, said she’s doing all she can to impress the right people.

“I currently play for the Coolangatta Bluebirds in the QWAFL,” said Goodman, who plays in the ruck.

“I just did some testings with the Queensland women’s AFL academy in Brisbane where I was fortunate enough to top the 2km time trial and the beep test.

“I feel in general my athleticism is my strong point – I’m the type of player that can run all day.

“At this stage I’m solely focused on playing in the national women’s league next year – that’s why I moved to the Gold Coast.

“Hopefully, I’ll be picked up at some point during the recruitment process, but we’ll just see what happens.”

Before moving south, Goodman was a dominant player with the North Cairns Tigers in the AFL Cairns women’s league.

“It’s great to see the sport growing in general,” the relief teacher said.

“To have this new statewide competition is awesome for younger players, particularly for those in Cairns that have aspirations of playing the game at a higher level in the future,” she said.

The national women’s AFL competition is expected to launch in March with Brisbane likely to be the only Queensland club represented.

Article courtesy of Micheal Warren The Cairns Post 23-3-16