Frequently Asked Questions Juniors

Frequently Asked Questions


What age group can I play in?

Players are required to play in their age group. A player may be entitled to play up an age group as a ‘fill in player’ provided they are not displacing a registered age group player and have played their age group first. The decision on whether a child can play up an age group sits with the club, parents and players.

What is the minimum age to play Footy4Fun?

A player must turn seven (7) by 30 December that season.


What is Footy4Fun?

Junior Football (Under 8 – Under 11) has been re-branded to Footy4Fun! With modified rules and game structures, Footy4Fun provides all children with equal opportunity to experience playing AFL under an accredited coach in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Have the playing rules for Footy4Fun changed?

No. The modified rules have been in place for 15+ years.


How many players can we put on the bench?



What rules apply where Boundary Umpires have been removed?

  1. When a ball goes out of bounds, the field umpire shall ball up 10 metres in from the boundary line to restart play; and
  2. Players shall be responsible for ensuring the ball is returned to the field umpire for the boundary ball up and resumption of play after a goal.


What is the 10-goal rule?

A team will only be given percentage for a win up to 60 points (10 goals).

When are the matches played?

Colts and Youth Girls play on Wednesday evening. Juniors matches are played on Sundays. Superstars play Friday twilight matches.

How long is the Season?

The Junior Season is made up of 14 rounds. The season typically starts in March and is played through until August with breaks over school holidays. Competitive age groups then play finals over three weekends. Non competitive age groups Under 11 and below celebrate with a Grand Final day.  

What to bring to a match?

Mouth Guard, Water Bottle, Head Gear optional. Football boots or closed in runners. Wear football shorts & socks and Clubs will provide you with a Guernsey to wear for your match.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies by age group and each Club may provide apparel (for example socks, shorts & club polo) at the time of registration. Some Clubs charge for apparel separate. Pricing starts at $100 and a maximum cost would be $220. We recommend contacting your Club direct who can give you the exact cost of registration.