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AFL Cairns Registration Links 2018: Seniors, Womens and Juniors

2018 Seniors Sign on Links

Cairns City Lions

Cairns Saints

Centrals Trinity Beach

Manunda Hawks

North Cairns

Port Douglas

Pyramid Power

South Cairns

2018 Womens Sign on Links

 Centrals Trinity Beach Womens

Manunda Hawks Womens

 North Cairns Womens

  South Cairns Womens

Cairns Saints Womens

2018 Juniors Sign on Links

 Cairns City Lions Juniors

 Cairns Hawks Juniors

 Cairns Saints Juniors

 Centrals Trinity Beach Juniors

 Cape York Eagles Juniors

 North Cairns Juniors

 Port Douglas Juniors

 Pyramid Power Juniors

 South Cairns Juniors

Registration FAQ’s – For Participants:

Registration FAQ’s – Administrators:

Clubs will not be able to request transfers for Players until 1st February 2018 – therefore meaning only current Club Players are able to register or Players who have not previously played at another Club. Do not attempt to register a player who requires a transfer. This is a breach of the National Transfer Guidelines and both Player and Club will receive potential consequences, if found guilty of deliberately avoiding the Transfer process.

Colts Eligible Players

Any Colts Eligible Players in 2018 (Born in 2001, 2002 or between July 1st to Dec 31st of 2000), must register with their JUNIOR Club in 2018, then be placed on a Type 2 Local Interchange for the duration of the Seniors/Reserves Season (01/03 – 01/10). Local Interchange Permits can be completed in 2017 before the Season starts.

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